Sports climbing in Isfahan

As we have been travelling through Iran we have often been looking for sports climbing options. Mostly routes that are already bolted are of interest as we are not the most experienced.

We found some in Isfahan and wanted to share as we found it hard to find information about this in english.

At Mount Sofe or Sofe Park there is a lot of cliffs with routes. We found some by walking around on the paths and looking closely. We found bolted routes on the following spots:

32*35’31.86’’N 51*38’37.31’’E


32*35’47.78’’N 51*38’43.92’’E.

The bolted routes on the first spot are the only ones we tried. There is a few, including top anchors that are easily accessible without climbing. I am not an experienced climber and I only topped out one route. Fredrik is better but some of the routes was also difficult to him. There were fine anchors for abseil/rapelling as well. These routes are on the south turned side of the mountain, so they are good in winter when it is cold. I imagine I would prefer the others on the northern side in summer.

The walls we climbed were no taller than 30 meters (easily done with a 60 meter robe).

Sofe Park is well used by locals, especially on fridays. It is a nice area to walk in as you can both walk on safe pathways and you can follow small paths sometimes accompanied by a rope in the cliffs to hold on to. This makes it a lot of fun to climb to the top.

I hope this i useful information for others looking for climbing in Iran.IMG_7592

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